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01.01.2014    HAPPY NEW YEAR

We wish a Happy New Year to all friends of Coady Bay Stud, in this our 20th ANNIVERSARY YEAR.  

29/30/31.12.2013   BSJ Arena UK New Year Bash
Finishing the year on a jumping high! CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) and Teri win the Newcomers on Day1 from a large field of 65 starters. Day 2 sees them 4th in the 1.15m Speed Open, and then Dbl.Clr and a placing in the Foxhunter on Day 3. Sister, Artadhy (Don Romantic - Artieka) joins the fun just in time, jumping well in her first Newcomers in her first jumping show 2013!

A special Congratulations to Teri for finishing the year with Artique now an Intermediate Eventing/Advanced Medium Dressage and Foxhunter Jumping horse.

22.12.2013  BD Vale View EC
The Summer Regionals too, beckon for Teri and CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) following their double 1st's, scoring just under 68% in both the Med69 and Med73.  This adds to their already qualifying for the Winter Regionals.

22.12.2013  Addington EC
Great scores for Louise and CB Florin (Furst Grandios - Annalta) in their debut at Novice. 67.3% saw them 2nd in the N24, and 70% earned them 4th in the N27.  For a young horse and  junior rider partnership of less than two months this is quite an achievement!

07.12.2013  BD Vale View EC
Teri moves Coady Bay Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) seamlessly up a level with a 1st in the Med73 and then in their debut AdvMed.

17.11.2013   BD Vale View EC
n the winning mood........Louise and CB Florin (Furst Grandios - Annalta) qualify for the BD Winter Regionals by winning Prelim15 with 67.83%. Congratulations!

10.11.2013     BD Patchetts EC                          
 A new combination together, definitely to watch! Riding Lisa Moyes' Coady Bay Florin (Furst Grandios - Annalta), 15 year old Louise Gallavan took the win in Prelim13 with 74.16% and second place Prelim19 scoring 70%.

BD Arena UK
Many congratulations to Teri and CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) for their double win- both the Med69 and the Med75.
BD Sparsholt College, Hants
Hannah and her own Coady Bay Gold Dust (Del Piero - Elmfeuer) have a great day, winning the AdvMed96 with 67.89%. Superb.

BE Shelford
Teri and Coady Bay Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) win their way out of Novice and qualify for the BE Regionals 2014.
Scoring a superb 24.5 Dressage, clear XC and SJ saw them in 1st Place.
Intermediate only from now on! Tremendous - and Congratulations!

BE West Buckland
Great news from Sharon Bishop of Parkfield Breeding.
Petit Moi, daughter of Furistica (Silvio I - Furistic) won the BE 4YO Class on her impressive dressage score of 26.5, with clears SJ and XC.
Congratulations, and to her producers EZ Equestrian.

BE Purston Manor

Oh, so close, for Teri and CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) in the Regional Final - Novice.
Scoring 28.2 dressage and a fabulous clear SJ they lay in 2nd place! Just a momentary miscommunication XC. Theirs will be another day........

BD Pachesham, Surrey

Another great placing for Hannah and her own, self produced Coady Bay Gold Dust (Del Piero - Elmfeuer)
taking 3rd in the AdvMed 92Q.
23-26. 05. 2013
BE Houghton International

Teri and Coady Bay Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) took
7th place in fine company in the Eventers Prand Prix
and later 4th in the 1.15 BSJ Speed Class.

BD Vale View EC

Another qualifying win for CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) and Teri, following their 1st place in the Med75Q with 65.41%. Congratulations!

BD Patchetts EC

In their debut affiliated season, Lisa Moyes and her own Coady Bay Florin (Furst Grandios - Annalta) secured second place in the Nov35Q with 66.3%. Congratulations..........

BE Rockingham Castle

In extremely good company, Teri and CB Artique
(Farewell III - Artieka) continue form with a fantastic win in the Novice.
Scoring 25.5 dressage, clear SJ and just 1.6 tf XC, a final score of 27.1 secured 1st Place. Wonderful!

Isleham 1DE

A 3rd for Teri and Coady Bay Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) in the Novice. A lovely rhythmic, clear XC and SJ saw them finish on their dressage score of 22.8.
A superb start to the outdoor season.

BSJ Various Venues

Some superb news from Claire Houlder. Titania (Argentinus - Furistina) has completed her 4dblclr's Newcomers in as many outings under rider Ben Bik.
Owned since a foal, Furistina (Silvio I - Furistic) is the foundation mare for her breeding programme. Full sister to Sharon Bishop's Furistica (Silvio I - Furistic)

BD Patchetts EC

After a winter break, Anna Howard and her own Richello (Riverside - Viola) emerge on fine form, winning the Med61Q with 68.82% and just pipped into second in the Med61 with 67.58.

Weston Lawns BSJ Easter Extravaganza

A win for Anna and Angel (Argentinus-Gratina) in the 1.10 Handicap and third in the Newcomers, made for a great day for them both. Congratulations and thankyou!

BD Sparsholt College, Hants

Second place in the Med75Q for Hannah and Coady Bay Gold Dust (Del Piero - Elmfeuer) secures their qualification. Congratulations!

BD Berkshire College

Starting 2013 on great form, Hannah and Coady Bay Gold Dust (Del Piero - Elmfeuer) winning the AdvMed96.
Moet Et Chandon Masters, Bury Farm

A great start to the New Year for Angel (Argentinus - Gratina) and Anna, with a dbl.clr and 6th Newcomers and 4fts in the Foxhunter - in testing and extremely strong company!

Wishing all friends of Coady Bay Stud a healthy, happy and prosperous 2013.

BSJ Addington Manor EC

Definitely in a rythmn and form for Anna with Angel (Argentinus - Gratina) with a 4th place in the 1.15 Open,
and just rolling a pole in the Foxhunter.

BSJ Addington Manor EC

Another placing and dbl.clr Newcomers for Angel (Argentinus - Gratina) and Anna.

BSJ South Coast Halloween Show, Crofton Manor EC

Angel (Argentinus - Gratina) has definitely now settled into the indoor season, with a dlbclr. Newcomers and 4th place on Day1, followed by 3rd place on Day2,
all with the talented junior rider Anna Wilks. Superb.

BD PetPlan Regional Finals, Arena UK

The Championships at Hartbury beckon for Teri and CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka)
following their second place and qualifying in the Medium. Congratulations !!

BSJ Addington Manor
Collecting DC's Danni and Landors Echo (LudwigVonBayern - Calida) were placed 7th/50. Consistent quality rounds are certainly paying off.......super.

Addington Manor Dressage
A new talented partnership to note....
A super debut for Lisa Moyes with her own Florin (Furst Grandios - Annalta), with a win in the P4 with 68.6% and 6th in P7 with 67%. Congratulations!

BE Oadsby
First Place in her first BE100 for Artadhy (Don Romantic - Artieka) and Teri England.
Clear SJ and XC they finished on their super dressage score of 32.0. Oh,So nearly a sensational sister double act!
Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) followed on Sunday in her first Intermediate. Second after a dressage of 31.4, she too then lay in First place after a clear SJ.
Sheer exuberance early XC incurred a penalty, but a fantastic round thereafter.
A great end to the season!

BSJ Keysoe, Beds
After a rest break, Danni Rutter is out again with her own Landors Echo (LudwigVonBayern - Calida)
with Second Place and DC in the BNov. Welcome back!

BE Bishop Burton
Recent dressage competition stood CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) in good stead for the Novice.
Leading after the Dressage phase with 32.0, just a pole SJ and a few time penalties XC saw them finally in 5th place.
A superb result,Teri.

BD Elms Farm
Out this time at Medium, Teri and CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) continue their great run of success.
Wins in both the Med73 with 65.58% and Med75
with 66.75%. 

Oldenburg Verband Foal Inspections
A highly successful breeding year was rewarded by all of our foals receiving a Premium.
Colt by Farewell III out of Artieka (full brother to CB Artique) (FOR SALE)
Filly by Agrostar out of Gratina
Fill by Lordanos out of Eclair.
Furthermore, Theresa Oakes of Penhaligon Stud was thrilled when her Welt Hit II colt out of Annalta,
(former CBS mare born and bred) also received a thoroughly deserved Premium. Congratulations Theresa!

BD Arena UK
First again for Teri and CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) scoring 70.34% in the Elem45, and is now qualified for the Regionals. Congratulations Teri.

BD Elms Farm
Another great outing for the sisters and Teri.
Younger Artadhy (Don Romantic - Artieka) won the Novice with 64.28%, whilst CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) secured both the Elem44 and Elem59 scoring 73.06% and 72.18% respectively.

ODE Buckminster
Girls just want to have fun!
Younger sister Artadhy (Don Romantic - Artieka) finished on her dressage score of 26.4, clear SJ/XC giving her Fourth place in the Novice.
CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka), not to be outshone, scored 24.4 dressage, clear SJ/XC, claiming Second place in the Intermediate. Super Teri !

BE Purston Manor, Northants
Pipped to third place in the BE100 Open, by the narrowest of margins, for Teri and CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka).
They finished on their dressage score 32.5, with clear SJ and a foot perfect strong XC.
Congratulations - and wishing you good luck for the imminent BD Regionals.

Oldenburger Elite Stutenschau 2012, Rastede, Germany

A dream result for our mare Eclair (Haarlem - Feiner Stern). Her sister, Emperadora, not only became a State Premium mare, but at the Oldenburg Elite Mare Championships, she was selected into the coveted
'Brilliant Ring' for the top 15 mares, and was awarded 3rd Place. To achieve this from some 500 mares entered is truly a dream come true for her breeder Holly Simensen.
Our warmest congratulations!

BD Arena UK
A double qualification for Teri and CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka), for the BD Regionals and PetPlan Regionals.
1st Place in the Med61 with 68.97% followed by 64.32% in Med75. Tremendous!

Another win at BE100 for Artadhy at Solihull
With a dressage of 28.0, clear round XC and just a pole down SJ, Artadhy (Don Romantic - Artieka) continues to gain invaluable experience and confidence with owner Teri England. Super.

BD Patchetts EC, Herts
"THE HIGHEST SCORE OF THE DAY' as written and pictured in the Horse & Hound.
First Place for Anna Howard and Richello (Riverside - Viola) in the Med73Q with 68.23%.
Shortly followed by a 3rd in the AdvMed98Q with 62.63%.
Clearly confident at this level, there are definitely exciting times to come!

BSJ Addington Manor, Bucks
A win so soon! Philip Roelich has certainly clicked with Coady Bay Londres (Lordanos - Furistar).
First Place and dbl.clr in BNovice.

BD Bury Farm, Beds
Teri and CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) enjoyed two 2nd placings in the Med75 and Med61, the latter qualifying her for the Regionals.Congratulations!

BSJ Quainton Stud, Bucks
Coady Bay Londres (Lordanos - Furistar) has a new rider!
A great start for Philip Roelich with a dbl.clr and 4th Place in the Discovery. This follows a 5th in the BNov. at Bury Farm in their previous/first outing.

BE Shelford Manor
Against the elements! Despite dreadful weather Teri ran both sisters in the BE100.
CB Artique ( Farewell III - Artieka) thoroughly enjoyed the XC - secure shoes and secured 2nd.
Artadhy (Don Romantic - Artieka) enjoyed her first run at this level and was 10th.
A day to compete and a day to dry out by all accounts!

BSJ Arena UK
Shoe replaced – bouncing back – Teri and CB Artique won both the BNovice and Discovery!

BE Houghton International
Their debut in 3DE made a stunning start in the CIC* for Teri and CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka).
After dressage with 41.7 they lay in 3rd place ahead of some International household names! XC began well, but feeling something wrong, Teri knowingly retired.
A lost shoe - so a prudent move. Hugely disappointing for Teri - but... another day!

BD East Soley
Very exciting! Success at a new level for Hannah and her own Coady Bay GoldDust (Del Piero - Elmfeuer).
69% in the Med75 and 66% in the Advanced Medium92 gave her a win in both classes.

They can be seen too, in the advertising campaign for a well known Insurance Co. in both H&H and BD Dressage.

BSJ Arena UK
A win in the Discovery for CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) and Teri, and 2nd/Qualifying for the National Amateur Championships. Congratulations!

BSJ European Viewing Trials
On the first day a 3rd for Angel (Argentinus - Gratina) in the UpandComing Riders (U18's) under very talented rider Anna Wilks. Double Clear in the Small Tour Juniors and a superb round on the last day at 1.25m in the Grand Prix.

BD Oldencraig EC, Surrey
Anna and Richello (Riverside - Viola) move up a gear with ease! A second place in Med69 with 69.39% and third in the Med75Q with 66.75%.

BSJ The Welsh Masters
A great weekend for Lentei (Lordanos - Calida) and Alex, campaigning the 5YO.
Clear through to and in the Final, jumping 1.25m and just rolling a pole in the 2nd JumpOff. A short break for Lentei now, which has been well earned. Super!

NAF Five Star Winter Dressage Championships, Hartbury
PetPlan Elem.Area Festival Champs.
Great success for Teri and CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) with 2nd Place in Round 1, with 68.28%, and 5th in Round 2 with 68.62%.

Eland Lodge BE

A fifth place in the Novice for Teri and CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) with a 30.5 dressage, clear SJ and XC in some style. Picture published on Zuchthof Klatte website and Facebook, see

Pachesham EC, Surrey BD

Richello returns!
After maternity sabbatical Anna and Richello (Riverside - Viola) are back in action with force.
Success in both the Elem classes with 71.92% and 71.17%. Congratulations on all accounts!

Pycombe Show BSJ
Alex Hempleman and our own Lentei (Lordanos - Calida) are starting the outdoor season so well, moving seamlessly up to Newcomers already with a DblClr. Wonderful.

Addington Spring Classics BSJ - A win for Angel
Angel (Argentinus - Gratina) is definitely finding his way back, with a dbl.clear and 1st Place with Matt in the Newcomers. Thankyou, Matt.

Addington Spring Classics BSJ
Angel (Argentinus - Gratina), partnered for the first time with Matt Sampson, set off smartly with 2nd Place in the 1.15 Open.

Draycott House BE Derbyshire
Its winning mood for Teri and Artadhy (Don Romantic - Artieka).
From their dressage score 27.0 and clear in both SJ and XC they secured another First Place in the BE90.
A great achievement!

Vale View EC BSJ
Krystle and her own Coady Bay Londres (Lordanos - Furistar) are truly well on their way this year - with dbl.clr Disc and 4th place.
An all round education in 2011 for Londres as a four yr.old is definitely paying off. We wish you every success for 2012, Krystle.

Oadsby BE
The sisters were out in force!
Saturday saw Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) score Dr.35.5 - SJ 4 - and 'oh too fast XC' to finish 8th in the Nov, in very fine company. On Sunday, younger Artadhy (Don Romantic - Artieka) in the BE90 scored a fabulous DR 24.0 - SJ4 and clear XC to take 1st place and so qualify for the BE90 Regionals. A great weekend for owner/rider Teri England...

Felbridge Showground BSJ
Jumping outdoors first time this season, Lentei (Lordanos - Calida) went dbl.clear in the 1.05m class for Alex.
A wonderful start to 2012 - Thank you, Alex!

Crofton Manor BSJ
Alex and Lentei (Lordanos - Calida) are certainly forming a very strong partnership, jumping clear in the Newcomers'

Elms Farm BD
CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) and Teri England begin this season in fine form. Wins in both the Elem42 and Elem 53 with scores of 70% and 68.82% respectively.
CB Londres (Lordanos - Furistar) and owner/rider Krystle also made a great start. A 1st and 2nd place in the Prelim saw them qualify for the PetPlan Area Festival Championships. Many Congratulations.

Crofton Manor EC BSJ
A great opening to his debut season. Recently backed and being produced by Alex Hempleman, Lentei (Lordanos - Calida) jumped dblclear Disc.

Addington Manor BSJ
A gentle return for Angel (Argentinus - Gratina) to competition since being gelded, on veterinary advice, with a dbl clear and 4th in Disc under Tim Wilks.

BSJ Vale View
A new partnership to watch and follow in 2012!
Krystle Gunning-Fry and her own self produced Coady Bay Londres (Lordanos - Furistar). Londres, still only 4yrs old, has been successful in SJ and DR this season, and secured 3rd Place in the BNov. Many Congratulations.

BD Elms Farm
A trial at a new level proves good for CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) and Teri. Going HC in the M71 they scored 63.87%, including '8's for the walk, which had them in first place, and would have contributed to qualifying.

Sparsholt College, Hants

Another win for Hannah and CB Gold Dust (Del Piero - Elmfeuer), this time the Med 73 with 66.47%.

BD Elms Farm
Another 1st for CB Artadhy (Don Romantic - Artieka) and owner Teri, in their first season together,
scoring 69.53% in the Prelim13.

BD Arena UK
Back to Dressage, and a double win for CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) in both the N28 and the N34,
scoring 9's for the 'walk' in both classes.

BSJ Horseworld
Teri and CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) continue their fine form starting the indoor SJ season, with a DblClr and 1st in BNov.

BD Arena UK
The sisters out in style together again!
CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) took wins in the Nov38 (73.23%) and the Elem (66.76%), so qualifying for the BD Elementary Regionals CB Artadhy (Don Romantic - Artieka) followed, winning Prelim19 (71.36%), qualifying for the BD Prelim Regionals. Thankyou Teri.....

PetPlan Equine Area Festival, Vale ViewEC
At a very busy, hotly contested show, Teri and CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) were placed second in the Elem53 - so securing their ticket to the Area Festival Championships in April 2012. Congratulations!

FEI Eventing World Championships 7YO
Le Lion d'Angers, France CCI 2*
French International Event Rider, Karim Florent Laghouag was well placed (18th/68) after the DR. Phase with a score of 49.5, competing the mare Salome (Sandro Hit - Greta Garbo). Greta Garbo is the granddam of our own Gratina.

BSJ Addington Manor EC
7th place in a large and highly competitive BNov class for Danni Rutter and her own produced Landors Echo
(Ludwig Von Bayern - Calida). Many congratulations!

BE Oasby Horse Trials
n her very first event, Coady Bay Artadhy (Don
Romantic - Artieka) showed she's hot on the heels of her sister, Artique. Scoring 36.5 Dr and clear SJ, and despite a hesitation at the DoubleDrop taking 20 pen. she still achieved 7th place. Teri is understandably very excited by next year's prospects.

BD Arena UK
It's now a sister act!
Artique (Farewell II - Artieka) gained another 1st in Elem53Q with 70%, 2nd in Nov38Q with 75.81%. In so doing she and Teri have now qualified for the Winter Regionals in both Novice and Elementary.
Younger sister Artadhy (Don Romantic - Artieka) then joined the party, winning the P19Q with an impressive 74.55%!

BD Frys Dressage
Teri and CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) are back on winning form, with a 1st Place Elem59 scoring 67.5%.

30.9 - 1.10.2011
BE Lycetts Young Horse Championships, Osberton
Coady Bay Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) with Teri competed the 6YO CIC*, held over 2 days.
Their DR score of 50.9 and clear SJ on Day 1 saw them lying 6th/70 overnight.
But for knocking a flag XC they would have lifted to 5th place. A truly wonderful achievement in top class company.

BE Purston Manor

Teri gave CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) a taste of the next level, in advance of the Lycetts 6YO Championships,
with a run in the Intermediate Novice.They finished extremely well in 16th on a score of 48.9.

BD Arena UK

A momentary change of discipline for Teri and CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka), saw 1st place in Elem58 with 67.5%. Medium level beckons!

BEF Futurity - College EC

Gloria Smith saw her first foal breeding from Coady Bay Vanilla (Donnerschlag - Viola) awarded Elite. Her colt foal, Stallone, by Sarkozy, scored 9.18 which was the top dressage score of the day and second highest score over all the disciplines. Stallone is also the highest scoring of all Sarkozy progeny presented in 2011. Congratulations!
CB Vanilla is a second generation mare bred by Coady Bay Stud, and is the half sister to the highly successful Richello (Riverside - Viola)

BE Shelford Manor
Older sister CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) is looking truly comfortable at her new level with Teri.
Dressage score 30.5 and clear XC and SJ in the Novice Sec.K gave them a terrific 3rd place.
An excellent preamble to the Lycetts Young Horse Championships at Osberton in September.

BD Fair Oak

Hannah and CB Gold Dust have certainly secured Medium level with another win. This time scoring 65.95% in Med75. A great score of 72.50% saw them 1st in the Elem59 also.
A fantastic achievement.

BD Arena UK
CB Artadhy (Don Romantic - Artieka) out again already with owner Teri England securing a 2nd place in the Prelim 15 scoring 66.08%.

BD Elms Farm

Coady Bay Artadhy (Don Romantic - Artieka) looks set to follow her sister! Partnering with new owner Teri she won the Prelim13 with 70.83%

BE Buckminster Park

Another milestone in Coady Bay Artique's career (Farewell III - Artieka). With owner Teri England, she has qualified for the 2011 Lycetts BE Young Horse 6yrOld Championships.
7th place in the Novice was theirs,scoring 35.5 Dr, then clear SJ and XC. In only their second outing at this new level it is a great achievement.

BD Merrist Wood, Surrey

Another double of 1sts at Med level for CB Gold Dust (Del Piero - Elmfeuer) and Hannah, with excellent scores of 71.72% in Med63 and 67.74% in Med71. Congratulations!

BD Oldencraig, Surrey

Hannah and Coady Bay Gold Dust (Del Piero - Elmfeuer) land a double win in Medium tests 69 and 73, scoring 64.55% and 62.65% respectively

BD Oldencraig, Surrey
Hannah and Coady Bay Gold Dust pipped their trainer Matt Hicks for 1st place in a Med. (sorry Matt), and improvising the test with flying changes dropped them to 3rd in the other Med.test.

BSJ Crofton Manor
Another double clear for our young jumper Angel (Argentinus - Gratina) in the Newcomers gave him 4th place in a large class, under the expertise of Alex Hempleman.

BSJ Addington Manor
A new young combination to watch.
High placing in the BNovice for Danni Rutter with her own Landors Echo (Ludwig von Bayern - Calida).
Buying as a foal, starting and producing him herself, Danni was one of few dbl.clears in a large class.

30.05 2011
BE Shelford Manor
In the BE100, CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) and Teri scored a fabulous 29 Dressage and clear XC. Just one rolled pole saw them 6th place in a highly competitive class.

BD Elms Farm
Hard ground has halted the eventing schedule for CB Artique, so dressage is the order of the day.
Qualification for the Regionals up a level after two wins in the Elem.50 and Elem 53 with scores of 71.07% and 66.47%. Congratulations!

BD Arena UK
Another great day for Teri and CB Artique (Artieka - Farewell III). 71.03% in the Nov.22 and 65% in Nov.37 gave her two Firsts.

BD Winter Championships, Hartbury
A terrific weekend for all !
Anna and Richello in very hot classes scored more than 70% to secure 6th NovOFreestyle, and 69% saw them 12th in the ElemOFS. Hannah and CB Gold Dust were 11th in the NovRFS with 66% and 12th in the ElemR.
Teri and CB Artique were the winners of the 1st Round Pet Plan Novice with 71.38%, coming 3rd in the Final with 66.03%.

BD Winter Championships, Hartbury 13-17 April
Hannah Jannaway and CB Gold Dust will be contesting Elem(Restr) and ElemRMusFStyle.
Anna Howard and Richello compete in the Elem(Open), ElemOMusFStyle and NovOMusFStyle.
Teri England and CB Artique qualified for the PetPlan Nov(Restr)Area Festival Champ. We are extremely proud of them, as they are all self produced, and we wish them every success at these Championships and for the rest of the season.

BD Laughton Manor
A double win for Teri and CB Artique (Artieka - Farewell III)
scoring 69.31% in Nov.22 and 65.17% in the Nov.39

BD Windmill Farm, Bucks
Hannah and CB Gold Dust warm up for the Winter Championships with a win in Elem58 with 67%, and a second in Med.73 with 64%.

BE100 Lincoln, Lincs
Teri and CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) get a flying start!
Finishing on their dressage score 30.0, having gone clear SJ and XC, they secured 3rd place from a class of 37.

12.03 2011
BD Winter Championships
From their success at the Regionals, Hannah and CB Gold Dust (Del Piero - Elmfeuer) will be campaigning both the Elementary and the Elementary MusicFreestyle in the Finals. We wish them every success.

11.03 2011
BE100 Oadsby, Lincs
A great first event of 2011 for Teri and CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka), not yet six years old. Dressage score 35.0, clear XC and just single pole rolled SJ, gained them sixth place.

Laughton Manor Dressage, Lincs
Winning mood continues for Teri and CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka). Wins in both the Nov.39 (65.17%) and Nov.22 (69.31%) and including a '9' for the canter work.

BD Aston-le-Walls, Northants
A double win for Matt Jenkins riding Bandini (Negretto - Viola) for owners' Dan Greenwood and Jamie Reynolds,
scoring 71.92% in Nov.35 and 67.74% in Nov.38
(H&Hound 24 March) 'I'm lucky to have the ride- he's genuine and easy and keeps getting better' Bandini and Richello are both foals from Coady Bay Viola.

BD Croft Manor EC

Hannah Jannaway and Coady Bay Gold Dust (Del Piero - Elmfeuer) open their season in great style, with a win in the Elem59Q scoring 71.57%,and a second in the ElemMFSQ with 67.92%. (See H&Hound 17.Feb Issue)

BD Laughton Manor EC

Teri and her own CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) switch to dressage, and continue their warm up for the eventing season, winning both the Nov27 with 66.43% and Nov34Q with 69.58% .

18- 20.2.2011
BD Central Winter Regional Championships

An excellent weekend at Addington for Hannah and CB Gold Dust (Del Piero - Elmfeuer).
Friday, scoring 70.97% saw them equal second (placed third on collectives) in the ElemMFS, and WOW - First Place with 68.85% in the ElemR on Sunday.

Arena UK - BJ
Coady Bay Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) with owner Teri England start the season in winning mood taking the 1.05m class in their warm up for the eventing season.


Very best wishes to all our family of friends, owners, fellow breeders and riders - throughout the world.

Grafton Hunt Team Chase - Novice

Congratulations to Louise Leverton with Don Amour (Don Romantic - Annalta), in their brave debut.
Clear and round in a very good time saw them seventh out of amost fifty teams!

Brooksby Melton College BE
Coady Bay Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) and Teri lay second after dressage scoring 30.5, and clear XC, but a rolled pole SJ saw them finally in fourth place in the BE100 Sec.C

BD Patchetts
Anna and Richello (Riverside - Viola)
scored a stupendous 75% in the ElemMusic to qualify for the Winter Regionals. It will be a very busy show for them having already qualified in the NovMusic and the Elem!
We wish them every success.

BE Holdenby
Teri England and CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) narrowly missed a win in the BE100 Open. In the lead after the dressage on 27.5, a rolled pole SJ and literally 1sec.XC saw them keep third place in clearly a very close competition.

BD Wellington
Anna Howard and Richello (Riverside - Viola)
secured their place in the Winter Regionals by scoring 70% in the Elem53OQ, winning the class by over 5%.

BD National Championships - Stoneleigh
Anna Howard and Richello (Riverside - Viola) were just pipped into eleventh place in the extremely strong NoviceOpen Class, despite one judge placing her in sixth with 69.6%.

XC at Hill House, Carlton
Congratulations to Louise Leverton with 5yr old DonAmour (Don Romantic - Annalta) securing fourth place in the Novice Class.

Oldenburg Foal Inspections 2010
We are pleased to report that our colt foal (Barclay - Artieka) was awarded 'Premium' status.
Artieka has now produced 4 'Premium' foals in succession.

BYRDS U25's Dressage Champs - Sheepgate
Hannah and CB Gold Dust (Del Piero - Elmfeuer) clearly revelled in the occasion.
First in Elem43 with 69.31%, second in ElemS/Final with a huge 72.94%, third in ElemF/Style with 70%, and second in Med69 with 64.55%.
And to top it all off a first in Med61 scoring 74.48% including a '9' for the canter half pass!

BD Eastern Summer Regionals - Keysoe
First place, in a class of 40, secured Teri England her ticket to the National Champs.

With CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) and scoring 71.95% in Prelim, they led the field by 2%. Huge congratulations on another fantastic result.

A second Coady Bay horse is bound for Stoneleigh in September!

Double success at BD Southern Regionals - Oldencraig
A superb third place for Hannah and CB Gold Dust (Del Piero - Elmfeuer) in the Elem.Restr in their debut Regional Champs.

And - wow - it's off to The Nationals for Anna Howard with Richello (Riverside - Viola) following their second in the Nov.Open. Congratulations!

And to Anna - a special thankyou - the very first CBS bred horse to qualify.

Carlton BE
With the best dressage score of the day of 21 (79%) followed by clears SJ/XC, CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) and Teri gained first place in the BE90 Sect.I

Stafford BE
The Lycetts YEH Championships in October now beckons again this year for Teri England with CB Artique (Farewell III - Artieka) following their third place in the 5yr Old, having gone clear SJ and XC with a dress. penalty of 33 (67%).

Addington Manor SJ
Aladdin's (Argentinus – Gratina) great partnership with new rider John Crippen continues well with a dbl.clr 4th place in Newcomers.

BD Sparsholt Festival
A bumper weekend for Hannah and Coady Bay Gold Dust (Del Piero – Elmfeuer).

Saturday a first with 70% in Elem.Music secured their place in the Winter Regionals.

Sunday – after winning Elem45, a fantastic debut at MedLevel saw success with 69.70%.

We wish them good luck at the Summer Regionals next month.

Double Win at Elms Farm BD
Top scores over both open/restricted sections for CB Artique (Farewell III – Artieka) under owner/rider Teri England in the Nov20 with 76.4%, and in Nov38Q 70%.

Hickstead Premier League BD
Wonderful result for CB Gold Dust (Del Piero – Elmfeuer) and Hannah Jannaway winning the Elem 53Q.

Shelford British Eventing BE90

CB Artique (Farewell III – Artieka) start their debut eventing season with a clear XC and SJ and a dressage penalty of 33.5 (66.5%) to secure fifth place. Congratulations!! 

Bucks Area 39 British Showjumping Show

The partnership between John Crippen and Aladdin (Argentinus-Gratina) continues to grow with
a placing in Equissage Discovery, adding to their qualifying rounds - also securing their place in the Bucks Beginners Championship at Bucks County Show.

Elms Farm British Showjumping

Truly versatile CB Artique gives Felix England fifth place and a part qualifier in Equissage Discovery. 

Brigstock – 5yr Old BE100

Dressage penalty of 27 (73%) earned seventh place for Teri England and CB Artique

Double win and qualifier at Newark Dressage

CB Artique (Farewell III – Artieka) with Teri England continue their winning mood in great style.
73.2% in the Badminton Grass Roots Qualifier,and 72.92% in the Badminton High Performance Qualifier.

Addington BD Premier League Show
– a family affair
Richello (Riverside-Viola) under Anna Howard scored 69.6% in the 6yrOld Potential Dressage Horse class
giving them a good placing.
Bandino (Negretto-Viola) with Dan Greenwood was fifth in the same class with over 70%.
Viola is the only daughter from St.Pr.St.Virana II, one of our foundation mares.


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